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Seamless Cloudflare Integration From Your Control Panel

Deliver your website as fast as possible from the data center closest to your site visitor
Our platform integrates with Cloudflare CDN and we will setup this connection for you

Seamless Cloudflare Integration From Your Control Panel

Deliver your website as fast as possible from the data center closest to your site visitor
Our platform integrates with Cloudflare CDN and we will setup this connection for you

Look below at what comes with your control panel

Cutting Edge & Industry Leading Technology

Our hosting control panel focuses on speed and performance. Every client gets server resources as per requirement. Our lightweight control panel is less than 1GB. This is the best way to utilize a hosting management tool without loading the server.

Better Security – We have a unique and intuitive WordPress security lock feature that disables the ability to upload any type of file to the server which is usually how hackers get their dirty paws on your website.

Faster Websites – your websites will load always fast. Other customers on the same server will not slow down your website ever again like in most hosting environments.

100% Email Delivery – your emails will never get blacklisted as you will have a dedicated mail IP that no one else may use.

Speed & Performance – LiteSpeed Technology

Our LiteSpeed web servers are the fastest in the world. That guarantees that your websites will load instantly which is very important for ranking high in Google and not losing visitors.

The pre-installed mem-cached is a good mechanism for fast content caching.
We take the help of NGINX as an Apache reverse proxy. With this, you can achieve the best speed and performance for your websites.

Our hosting environment runs on a LiteSpeed web server which is the fastest web server in the world and uses the least server resources. That allows website owners to have faster websites. Read about LiteSpeed technology at THIS LINK.

Website Monitoring All Day & All Night

We offer FREE website monitoring for site down, SSL expiration and speed threshold.

Knowing your website is working and receiving a notification automatically if something goes wrong gives you peace of mind. There is no need to pay external providers for website monitoring

Set up monitoring for each hosted website at no additional cost.

Website Monitoring Checks:
– Website broken or completely down
– SSL certificate expiration notification
– Speed average notification

Learn more about this at THIS LINK

Automated No Worry Backups

Whenever an accident occurs, there is a possibility of a loss of important information. Backup plays an essential role in keeping your data safe & sound. Most hosts add an additional charge for backing up and restoring data, but that is not the case with our hosting panel as it is absolute of no charge.

Besides restoring daily backups, you can also restore individual files as well as databases and emails. This proves to be very useful in the long run.

This option is extremely user-friendly even for beginners that aren’t familiar with any control panel or don’t have any technical knowledge. Backing up and downloading your files & databases within a few taps is easy.

WordPress Manager – Making Things Easier

Our WordPress Manager caters to all the benefits of WP-tailored services that are built in.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is very vulnerable to hackers. So, our WordPress Manager ensures that your site is secure. For that, it locks files and directories so that no outsider can creep in. It gives you the authority to add new content or upload videos.

Whenever you want to install a plugin or change any code, you can simply remove the security lock. In the case of core updates, the system will auto-update the files and lock them back up.

We have the features you need for success

voted Most Desired feature

Install and manage all your websites in one place

Spin up new WordPress websites in a matter of seconds with out any hassle

Scan for WordPress installs or import a site into your WordPress Manager

Activate the Security Lock to lock down any file edits or additions to your website

Activate the Auto Updates to ensure your software stays up to date always

Change your website password directly from your WordPress Manager area

Make a clone of any WordPress installation in a matter of minutes with one click

Uninstall any WordPress website from your WordPress Manager area

voted Best feature

Run one click on-demand website backups

With our hosting support plugin you can run instant backup of any files & database

Select what you want to backup from your website with a few clicks

Download your backup or restore your website from the created backup file

voted Easy To Use

Run full hosting account backups

Backup your entire hosting account with ease and comfort

voted Best Automation

Run a one click website file or database restores

We will run daily automated backups and you can restore any file or database instantly

voted Coolest Feature

Stay informed on the important events on your site

voted Best Email Tool

Move you emails from your old host the easy way

You can import all your email accounts to your new control panel with a few clicks

voted Cleanest Control Panel

Here is all the available options in your control panel

We have the options you need and will use so there is no wasted space or resources

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